Age Of Empires Cereal Is A Real Thing, And It Looks Great

"One bite and your enemies are converted."

Age of Empires IV – Menu Theme Soundtrack (Official)

Age of Empires IV menu theme recorded at high quality.

Age of Empires 2 Soundtrack (Full)

Age of Empires 2 The Age of Kings + The Conquerors OST.
Composers: Stephen Rippy, Kevin McMullan.

0:00 Shamburger
3:23 I Will Beat On Your Behind
6:19 Drizzle (Firelight Smoove Mix)
8:55 Machina del Diablo
11:57 T Station
15:10 Bass Bag
18:20 Ride, Lawrence, Ride!
21:06 Smells Like Crickets, Tastes Like Chicken
24:11 Operation Monkey
27:31 Tazer

30:35 Pork Parts
33:49 Pudding Pie
37:06 Tide Me Over Warm ’em Ups
40:02 Voodoodoodoo
43:01 The Bovinian Derivative
46:12 Case in Point Paste
49:12 Mountain Lie On, Seamus and Chamois
52:36 Subotai Defeats the Knights Templar
55:42 Roi-r!, Basura! Basura!
58:23 Neep Ninny-Bod

Age of Empires Logic

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