God of War: Ascension Review

The multiplayer’s a bust, but God of War: Ascension’s campaign is a gloriously bloody adventure filled with exhilarating combat.

God of War ASCENSION REVIEW! Adam Sessler Reviews

Set before the original God of War, God of War Ascension aims to show off more of Kratos’ human side. But is the prequel a steller addition to the epic franchise, or is it a forgettable iteration? Watch Adam Sessler’s review to find out!

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God of War Ascension Retrospective

Over 3 years later, my coverage of God of War’s Greek saga comes to a close with the prequel that introduced multiplayer and tells the story of Kratos escaping his servitude to Ares. I hope you’ve enjoyed these retrospectives and I look forward to making more further down the road.

0:00 – Introduction
01:21 – Development History
04:35 – Opening Sequence
13:27 – Story
22:04 – Characterization
26:43 – Presentation
32:12 – Combat
41:34 – Enemies
44:16 – Bosses
53:13 – Platforming
55:33 – Puzzles
01:03:06 – Level Design
01:04:55 – Multiplayer
01:10:58 – Conclusion

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God of War: Ascension Video Review

Gaming Pastime reviews God of War: Ascension for PlayStation 3.

Developed by Santa Monica Studio and published Sony Computer Entertainment, God of War: Ascension was released for PlayStation 3 in March, 2013. God of War: Ascension is another tale of defiance which makes for a fun and bloody experience even if it does feel familiar.

Check out our written review:


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