Select Arcade1Up Countercades Discounted At Amazon

The sale includes NBA Jam, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mortal Kombat, and Marvel Super Heroes.

Arcade1up TMNT Counter Cade TE’s Hack – Steps how I setup my 3 buttons mapping

DONOT used MicroSD Card! on the video it show you it do not work.
Please read the link below. Pick the right one to download. Don’t download Mortal Kombat image like I did. At that time TMNT was not support. Now it is.
Mystery Encoder hack(MEH) for Arcade1up Countercade 2Player Cabs.
My box art, video and games came from
64gb BATOCERA 5.29 RASPBERRY PI3 GAMING COLLECTION from Clebinho to used on Arcade1up Countercade hack.
Marvel, Mortal Kombat, NBA Jam 2 players Countercade only Now TMNT included as well.


[64gb]-Batocera.5.29.Pi3.Gaming.Collection-Cleber (download link for Raspberry Pi 3B Plus)
In order able to do this you have to have Raspberry Pi 3 or Pi 3Plus.
You also need Qbitorrent to download it.
You also need 64GB sandisk MicroSD card to burn it.
Once network is setup on your pi you can Login using file explorer
\\ Enter (My ip address) Used your ip address not my.
Login root
password linux

If you don’t have all this then just go to my
Telegram invite link and download it.
Invite link
download link (total 54GB you will need to have 64GB USB flash drive or larger). Maybe it will finish uploaded to telegram sometime later today.
Hardware you needed for this hack.
USB 512gb sandisk flash drive
SanDisk 512GB Ultra Flair USB 3.0 Flash Drive – SDCZ73-512G-G46 $47.26 on sale. &keywords=USB%2B512gb%2Bsandisk%2Bflash%2Bdrive &qid=1658183792 &sprefix=usb%2B512gb%2Bsandisk%2Bflash%2Bdrive%2Caps%2C77 &sr=8-5 &th=1
Rankie Micro USB Cable, Nylon Braided Extremely Durable, Data and Charging, 6 Feet $6.99 &keywords=micro+usb+data+cable &qid=1658184145 &sprefix=microusb+data+cable%2Caps%2C103 &sr=8-4
Controller I am using.
EG STARTS 2 Player Arcade Games…

TEAM ENCODER Strikes AGAIN!! Add MORE games to MK, NBA JAM, and MARVEL SUPER HEROS Countercades!!

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These “A-holes”, TEAM ENCODER, Website:

Arcade1up News – New 2 player Countercades leaked by Amazon!

What’s up Gamer Army! Welcome back to the channel! Today we talk about the new 2 player Countercade titles leaked out by Amazon the past day or two. Normally I’d do separate videos for each of these, however, there isn’t much info other than the pictures and the main game title for each cabinet. One this I did notice and pointed out on one of these is there is a USB port on 3 out of the 5 of these. Can you see the other two I didn’t mention? Post below! Thank you guys for checking it out and hope to make more for you soon! Game on!

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Keyboard and Mouse
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